The same three sets of rows? How will it work?

She's the king of Kings
Of course she didn't feel tired at all
Although her body is a little bit
I can tell the smell is not good
Weekly study comments to share
Gain great benefits from comprehensive learning
Not just expertise
And then you get commuting information
Had to succumb to her great love
A group you have to admire
The same age or younger
The good ones make people jealous of that skill
We do see on-the-job education
"This class" highlights the skills of shining points
Rich experience and practice
Let even if the "peco class" is not as good
The third day to their own ppt share
Never found sharing ppt before
It's such a different feeling
After all, it's too much to say
That's a lot
Discomfort and nervousness?
Can not say
How from each time
Lack of thinking or how to go further
Or whether what you want to achieve is maximal
What do you think?
How about exercise
Comprehensive and focused
Prepare in advance
Idea collection
Scientifically sound
Analyze and solve
Be thoroughly integrated
Let ppt etc share
Become a good and frequent "line"

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