It's not up to me to stay up late

Originally wanted to stay up late, a little pressure, good state at night, code word fast
On second thought, it's too old to make chili
To think again, the two children in the brush learning machine, after a pair of beautiful big eyes as I have to waste
Let's just clean up and finish the story and get up early
New Year's Eve summoned great courage, basking in a family happiness
Sister's, sure enough, show love, die fast
The next day, the first day of the New Year, my handsome boy to chat with me, said to two places
Suddenly tears in my eyes, though it's nothing
I eat and drink are easy to say, the key baby I bring bad how to do
How am I supposed to be responsible for a kid with a family
I promised that someone would take care of the baby and I would take care of the code word
I began a happy day with the baby, playing ah, with the baby to play ah, happy
The point is I don't want to move forward
But there is a daily reading and writing work self-demanding progress of the people
Already in early overtime mode
I'm stressed out and I'm constantly criticizing myself
I thought I'd read a book first, sleepy
Code word, it's been half a day
Sister's, one to 10 o 'clock is super good, clear mind, code words, like I am a genius
And then no and then, sleep
Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy

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