Parents and children are a kind of fate

After watching the hit movie "Hello, Li Huanying", I don't know what the Chinese name means, but the English Hi, mom! The connotation is clear at a glance.
Of course, there are no ups and downs in the film, magnificent scenes, are real life trifles, and even some trivial.
But these seemingly trivial things reveal a real mother who is probably close to everyone's own mother.
After watching it, my first feeling was that it was too real, and my mother should have come this way.
Such a film easily resonates with everyone, but also causes everyone to reflect.
The child wants to raise and the parent is not there, such tragedy and sadness are imagined and interpreted at the end of the film, living in the moment and getting along well with parents is really a very happy thing!
The taste of the world is Qinghuan, family happiness is reunion.
Every parent wants their child to be beautiful and their daughter to be beautiful, but almost all parents accept their child unconditionally, no matter what the child becomes.
Parents love their children, forever, forever, even if the parents to the age of need to take care of children, but the thought of children, or the first thought is to take care of…
Parents and children are a kind of difficult to give up the family, but also a kind of eternal fate.

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