Cross-city (Go to Shanghai Cross-city member verification)

In order to let everyone better experience the city to touch this game, I wrote this guideline. Here, you can not only find the rules and basic operations of the game, but also master some game tricks to improve your winning rate.

Rules of the game
City Clash is a multiplayer online battle game. Once the game starts, the system will randomly assign your opponents and generate a question for each of you. You have to guess your opponent's question within the specified time, and enter your guessed answer in the input box. If your answer matches your opponent's question, you win.

Operating skill

  1. Rush answer: The algorithm of city versus city is first come, first served, so you should read the question as soon as possible and enter the answer quickly. Before entering the answer in the input box, you can press the enter key first to avoid wasting valuable time.
  2. Guessing range: After the question appears, take a look at the opponent's score. If your score is higher than your opponent's, guess at a wider range of answers first; Instead, you need to lock on to answers more quickly.
  3. Dig for patterns: Some topics may seem clueless, but a closer look may reveal some patterns. At this point, you can tentatively enter the answer related to the rule.

Skill summary
Through this guide, you have mastered the rules and skills of the city against each other. But to become a true master, it takes practice. You can't easily push your limits with just one or two games. I hope you can find joy and challenge in this game, and become the king of the city!

Cross-town. Cross-town

"City against City" is a very popular offline dating game. Now, the game's member verification system in Shanghai has been launched. If you want to make more friends in the game, then go to Shanghai city to meet the member verification is a must. This guide will explain you in detail how to complete this process.

Step 1: Download the city clash APP and register
First, you need to download the city Matchmaking APP on your phone. Once the download is complete, open the APP and register. Personal information is required to register, including nickname, gender, birthday, etc. When filling in the information, be sure to fill it in carefully, as this information will have an impact on the subsequent membership verification process.

Step 2: Perform real-name authentication
After registration is complete, you will need to have your real name verified. Real-name authentication requires uploading both sides of the ID card photos and selfies. When uploading photos, make sure they are clearly visible for easy review. After completing the real name authentication, your membership level will rise, and you will also get some privileges.

Step 3: Perform face recognition
After completing the real name authentication, you also need to perform facial recognition. Facial recognition is to ensure your true identity to improve the security of the game. To do face recognition, you need to turn on the camera, pose, and then follow the prompts. When you successfully pass face recognition, your membership level will rise again.

Now, you have completed all the steps of the Shanghai Matchmaking membership verification. In this way, you can enjoy more privileges in the game. At the same time, we also remind everyone to ensure the legality of their personal information and gaming behavior. Remember, games are a form of entertainment, don't make it your life.
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