Where eyes and feet cannot reach, words can

I feel that I have not read for a long time, the kind of happiness that is full of books in the afternoon sun, holding my carefully selected books, has been lost for a long time.
Often listen to, reading is the lowest cost of cultivating their own vision and pattern of the way, it is not.
Life is too short, so short that we can only experience a limited magnificent or as plain as we can see.
In the book, you can feel different situations and life experiences.
After a certain page turn, a certain line just hit itself, "Ah, I think the same as the author."
Even if the author and never face, even if the plot and characters in the book are fictional, touching and feeling are always there.
In the experience of others to know and reflect on their own at the same time, but also may be able to get a friend, a reminder,
A mentor who can offer another way of looking at things.

Why did you suddenly think of reading,
Probably because I recently followed up the study progress of my newly enrolled junior teacher,
When you suddenly find that you have to teach your little brother from scratch, you don't know where to start.
Because I don't know what my little brother might know and what he might not know.
Advance communication is really needed.
However, why can young tutors accurately prejudge the appropriate teaching plan?
Then explain the explanation in simple and clear language that the younger brother can understand.
It's a really powerful skill to be able to understand where someone is and how they need it,
Improve each other's work efficiency.
I guess this is because the rich teaching experience of primary and secondary school tutors is indispensable.
I believe that the young mentor also remembers the feelings of each stage from his student days,
Read a lot of books, professional and non-professional,
Then switch your posture to the level of the object you need to communicate with.
To think and understand the other person's situation from their point of view,
Then the best solution is given.
I have to sigh that reading more is really a necessary thing.

On the basis of the previous' there is Yan Ruyu in the book, there is gold House in the book ',
There should be. There's a better, gentler version of yourself in the book.
Attached is also very gentle teacher Luo Xiang a paragraph, and you share encouragement.
I also hope that I can also strive to become a gentle person.

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